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Gerardo Balboni, Esq.


Gerardo Balboni has over twenty years of corporate law experience representing companies and individuals that buy, sell, and invest in growth businesses. Gerardo represents growth companies seeking venture capital investment, venture capital and private equity funds, buyers and sellers of businesses, and licensors and licensees of technology and software. He speaks to groups on topics such as software licensing, acquisition of technology companies, venture capital, and controlling legal costs in corporate finance transactions.

Gerardo has written the recent developments column for the Technology Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia, and has written articles on topics involving venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, securities, and taxation. He is a member of and an active participant in the Atlanta Venture Forum, the Technology Alliance of Georgia, the Computer Law Association, the committees on the Law of Cyberspace, Small Business, and Negotiated Acquisitions of the Business and Banking Law Section of the American Bar Association, and the Technology Section of the State Bar of Georgia.