Christian Barker


A future-oriented professional possessing a comprehensive business and legal acumen, Christian is a practicing attorney with Barker Nashville PLLC, the Nashville-based entertainment, copyright and trademark law firm he founded in 2012. The philosophy of Barker Nashville is to work with clients in a manner that delivers professional and intelligent service while maintaining a strong attorney-client bond. In the entertainment and intellectual property arena, this trust is more important than ever. Barker Nashville, PLLC clients range from music industry professionals and organizations to media firms and tech startups.

In addition to his firm, Christian Barker co-founded start-ups: Capri Nashville, an music-related artist management; Tour Solutions & Agency, a national talent agency for touring musicians; and DiMe Collective, a digital media production company specializing in podcasts, live streaming video, and interactive web platforms, including the pilot Surviving the Music Industry Podcast project, of which he is the Executive Producer.

Outside of Nashville, Christian regularly provides court-appointed guardian ad litem and criminal defense representation to clients in rural Marshall County, Tennessee and serves as adjunct professor of Business Administration and Music Business at Hiwassee College in Madisonville, Tennessee.