A Paralegal’s Guide to Developing a Trial Notebook 2022 (On-Demand)

Organization is the key to life especially the life of a paralegal. In the twenty-year, I’ve been a paralegal the fundamental theme over and over again is organization. The same holds true to Trial preparation. Developing a strong Trial Notebook that is both organized and comprehensive will be a lifesaver to the Trial team. This CLE will discuss the purpose and reason why a Trial Notebook is helpful, review the format options available for Trial Notebooks, and discuss the endless content possibilities for your next Trial Notebook.


  • Purpose and reason why a Trial Notebook is helpful
  • Format options including chronological and litigation
  • Potential content contained within a successful Trial Notebook
  • Technology’s involvement in Trial Notebook Creation


  1. Why have a Trial Notebook?
  2. Chronological Format
  3. Litigation Format
  4. The Whatever the Attorney Wants Format
  5. Basic Content to All Content Under the Sun
  6. Technology and Trial Notebooks


Mindi Schaefer

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson