Alone, Together: Why a Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health and Diversity is Necessary and How to Help (On-Demand)

Fostering healthy, supported work environments requires a comprehensive approach. This must include an understanding of the unique challenges facing diverse attorneys as well as the mental health challenges in the profession. This course will review the current state of diversity and mental health among attorneys and provide ideas regarding how to create a supportive work environment, especially in the virtual/hybrid work setting.

This course will satisfy the California Competence requirement.


  • Challenges facing diverse attorneys
  • Overview of mental health in the legal field
  • Why diversity and mental health support matter for the legal profession
  • What can be done to support diverse attorneys and mental health
  • Tips on integrating support for diversity and mental health in new work environments


  1. Overview of diversity demographics in the legal profession
  2. Overview of mental health impacts on attorneys
  3. Why mental health and diversity matter in the legal profession
  4. Ways to support diverse attorneys and mental health
  5. Tips specific to new virtual/hybrid environments


Patricia SIlva, Esq.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson