An Introductory Legal Exploration of the Web3 Metaverse and the Evolving Media Landscape CC (On-Demand)

This program will explore the rapidly changing business practices surrounding virtual reality, augmented reality, the use of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, DAOs, and the implications of these emergent technologies on privacy, cybersecurity, financial transactions, commercial regulation, and contracting terms. The program will provide a low-tech introduction to these significant new business models and the potential implications for legal practices in the U.S.


  • Understanding the emerging metaverse, and how the components are coalescing into a new user experience
  • Identifying the key legal issues for large and small enterprises doing business to support new media and to conduct transactions using existing and emerging platforms
  • Describing the current and potential regulatory environment at the state, federal, and multinational level


  1. The Evolution of Web 1.0, 2.0, and Web3
  2. The Emergence of Web3 and the Philosophical Battle for the Metaverse
    • The Meta (Facebook) Roadmap to the Metaverse
    • The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Alternative
  3. A Glimpse of the U.S. Legal Roadmap
    • State Regulation Through Gambling Laws
    • Federal Regulation Through Money Transfer and Securities Laws
    • Additional Areas of Focus for Regulators
  4. Ginormaverse–an Exploration of a Paramagnetic Virtual World
    • Terms of Service Agreements and the Law of the Metaverse
    • Competition Harms and Consumer Protection
    • Copyright
    • Confidentiality and Privacy
    • Rights to Biometrics, Names, Images, and Likenesses
    • Free Speech and ToS Restrictive Conditions
  5. Limitations on the Government: Warrant Requirements and Third-Party Doctrine


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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson