An Overview of Franchise Law (On-Demand)

A “101” level course in franchise law, this course will cover how franchises differ from trademark license agreements, the types of laws that apply to franchises and will provide practice tips for franchise transactions.


  • What is a franchise from a regulatory perspective, and how does it differ from a trademark license agreement?
  • How are franchises regulated?
  • What do franchise regulations typically cover?


  1. Brief history of franchising
  2. Legislative action
  3. What is a franchise?
    • What are the differences between a franchise and trademark license agreement?
  4. Types of laws that govern franchises
    • Disclosure Laws
    • Registration Laws
    • Relationship Laws
  5. Summary of federal and state franchise laws
  6. Practice tips for franchise transactions


Matthew Kreutzer, Esq.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson