Be it Resolved: Striving for a Realistic Work-Life Balance in 2022 (On-Demand)

Well, here we are at that time of year again. 2022 is upon us and with it comes those special types of promises we make to ourselves – the dreaded New Year’s Resolution.

Research has shown that within weeks, only about 10% or so of the resolvers accomplish their resolutions—with the majority of the other resolvers abandoning them. And lawyers?? How many of us in practice do “take five”, or even four? How many don’t take anything? We feel we have to be super lawyers.

In this informative presentation, you will hear several suggestions on how to make New Year’s resolutions stick and not fizzle out like fireworks on a rainy night. But in this case, they may not just light up the sky, but brighten your life- both personally and professionally.

Recent studies have shown that there has been a dramatic increase in impairment due to alcoholism, addiction, and mental health disorders among members of the legal profession. The statistics are compelling and clearly indicate that 1 out of 3 attorneys will likely have a need for substance use or mental health services at some point in their careers.


  1. The early warning signs of impairment, with special emphasis on stress, burnout and trauma, including the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. How to set realistic goals for yourself that can ease stress and improve productivity.
  3. Well-being strategies that really work.
  4. The free services that Lawyers Assistance Programs provide to lawyers, judges, their family members and law students.
  5. A close look at what barriers exist that prevent lawyers and judges from seeking the help they need.
  6. The role that education plays in breaking the stigma and fear associated with addiction and mental illness in the legal profession.


Brian S. Quinn, Esq.

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Course Includes

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