Cannabis: What Lawyers Should Know About Cannabis Legalization (On-Demand)


The first hour of the course will explore the history of cannabis use and prohibition from its early uses in medicine to the recent election and beyond with a focus on the political, business, and legal issues around cannabis prohibition. The second hour will explore Federal issues affecting cannabis, including tax, banking, and fundraising. The third hour will focus on practice tips including the interplay between federal, state, and local laws. This will include a half-hour on ethical issues that arise in cannabis practice in all states.

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Jerry Chesler, Esq.

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Course Description

An introductory seminar for lawyers interested in the burgeoning cannabis practice area, by Jerry Chesler, Esq. Jerry is an Arizona lawyer and long-time cannabis rights activist who was immersed in the rollout of Arizona’s very successful medical marijuana program. Since that time, he has been focused on legal, finance, and business issues for cannabis industry clients ranging from small operators to public companies.


  1. Why Cannabis?
  2. Federal Illegality/Prohibition
  3. Ethical Practice of Law
  4. Federal/State Regulators
  5. Hemp vs “Pot”
  6. Medical Marijuana vs Adult-Use Cannabis
  7. Practical Considerations in:
    1. Corporate Structures
    2. Raising Capital
    3. Tax/IRS
    4. Banking/Anti-Money Laundering
    5. Real Estate/Zoning
    6. Employment
    7. Contract Drafting/Dispute Resolution


Jerry Chesler, Esq.

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