Cash Flow Analysis: Business Personal and Commercial Real Estate (On-Demand)

This webinar will provide the attorney with an understanding of how banks effectively “lend” to Small Businesses.

The basics of “small business lending” will be covered including small business legal issues and how banks provide credit to small businesses using “key ratio analysis” and “cash flow techniques.” Additionally, both “conventional” and SBA lending products will be reviewed.

The webinar will also cover how banks deal with the business owner/guarantor, business risk factors, and how they target market to small businesses in today’s competitive market.

A series of case studies will be utilized to illustrate the various “small business lending” concepts and techniques.


  1. How Banks Lend to Small Businesses
  2. An Introduction to Small Business Legal Issues
  3. Providing Credit to Small Businesses using Key Ratio Analysis and Cash Flow Techniques
  4. How to Deal with the Small Business Owner/Guarantor (aka Psychology 101)
  5. Risk Factors and the Small Business in Today’s Market
  6. How to Target Market to Small Businesses


David L. Osburn, MBA

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson