Digital Compliance: Is Your Website ADA Compliant? (On-Demand)


The Americans with Disability Act of 1990 requires businesses and public entities to make “reasonable accommodations” to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.  Most business owners are aware of the legal requirement to ensure physical locations to provide equal access.  One area which has gone relatively unnoticed is website accessibility in the digital marketplace.  While there is no federal organization that mandates the requirements for website accessibility, the World Wide Web Consortium (“W3C”) has developed Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”).  Although WCAG guidelines have been adopted by thousands of e-commerce businesses to make websites accessible to the sight-impaired, many websites remain woefully deficient and subject to legal liability.  Business owners who resist change and fail to voluntarily make their websites accessible to users with sight, hearing, manual dexterity, or other impairments can be compelled by courts to implement such changes.  In this seminar, we discuss the legal issues and make recommendations for achieving website accessibility through real cases brought in US court system under the Americans with Disability Act.

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