Elimination Of Bias: Cognitive Distortions, Biases & How We Can Do Better (On-Demand)

Our Elimination of Bias: Cognitive Distortions, Biases & How We Can Do Better presentation focuses on the role our implicit biases play in our everyday lives, the laws in place to protect individuals from bias, and what we can do to fight our own biases. We delve into the ways in which our federal and state governments have attempted to fight back against biases in order to protect patients, clients, and employees while also looking at the source of these biases. Implicit biases are an element of human nature, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be mitigated or overcome. This presentation helps individuals recognize their own biases, the impacts they have on the economy, our jobs, and the individuals around us, and the ways in which we can tackle our biases and improve upon them. Join national healthcare and wellness market legal expert Jim Eischen as he tackles the effort to eliminate bias from the legal profession from unique vantage points: bias as a thinking error, and efforts to mitigate those errors. Mr. Eischen also addresses the pandemic as presenting learning opportunities to identify and work toward eliminating bias.


  1. Bias is a signification US national issue
  2. Laws aimed at eliminating bias
  3. Bias compliance is legally mandatory
  4. What are cognitive distortions and bias
  5. How to tackle bias: knowing better, doing better
  6. Working toward eliminating bias has economic benefits for everyone
  7. Returning to work and avoiding discrimination claims: the pandemic as a learning opportunity


Jim Eischen, Esq.

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