Fundamentals of Vaccine Law in the Time of COVID-19 (On-Demand)

The course of the COVID-19 epidemic has brought the once-obscure topic of vaccine law to the forefront of legal conversation. This course covers all legal aspects of the vaccine life cycle, including development and clinical trials, intellectual property concerns, deployment and administration, public and private mandates and their exemptions and accommodations, and compensation for injuries attributed to a vaccination.


  • What is a vaccine, and why does it matter to the law?
  • How are vaccines licensed for use and regulated?
  • How does an Emergency Use Authorization differ from normal licensing practices?
  • How do vaccination mandates operate, and what legal limitations apply to them?
  • How are adverse events reported and compensated?


  1. Definition of a vaccine for legal purposes
  2. FDA regulation of Vaccines
  3. Emergency Use Authorization
  4. Regulation of vaccine administration
  5. Vaccine Patents and Intellectual Property
  6. Vaccine mandates, generally
  7. Exemptions
  8. Private mandates and accommodations
  9. Reporting requirements
  10. Vaccine injury compensation


Brian Dean Abramson, Esq.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson