HIPAA Law for Lawyers: A Must-Know Guide to New Compliance Requirements


Far too often, lawyers mistakenly assume that HIPAA Laws are not applicable to them or to their practice of law. HIPAA Law is not confined to the healthcare sector, but also applies to and regulates individuals and entities that are considered Business Associates or sub-contractors (i.e., lawyers, accountants, IT personnel, etc.) of a “Covered Entity” under HIPAA. This CLE Webinar will provide a “nuts-and-bolts” overview of the key provisions of HIPAA law, as well as the following specific applications relevant to the legal profession: (1) client representation that renders lawyers subject to HIPAA regulation; (2) compliance requirements for HIPAA-regulated lawyers; (3) special considerations and practical tips for law practice compliance with HIPAA Laws; (4) important requirements for utilizing HIPAA protected documents, data and information in an administrative or judicial proceeding; and (5) state laws and HIPAA Preemption.

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