Hot Topics for Successfully Resolving Your Dispute Using Mediation and Arbitration (On-Demand)

This course takes a targeted look at both the mediation and arbitration processes with an eye toward resolving disputes. As it relates to mediation, there are a number of key steps that need attention to maximize the chances of reaching a settlement. Attendees will understand how to use mediator selection, the position paper and mediation sessions to present their case in a compelling manner. They will also learn about various settlement techniques used by mediators to assist the parties in reaching a settlement. As for arbitration, attendees will learn about the procedures and ground rules that shape the process for the parties. By understanding the components of arbitration, attendees will be able to put on a persuasive case in an effort to obtain a favorable award from the arbitrator(s).


  • Mediation
  • Arbitration


  1. Mediation
    • Mediator Selection
    • The Mediation Position Statement
    • The Mediation Session(s)
    • Mediator Settlement Techniques
    • Reaching a Settlement
  2. Arbitration
    • The Ground Rules
    • Selecting the arbitrator(s)
    • The Preliminary Conference
    • Pre-hearing Briefs
    • Arbitration Hearing
    • Post-hearing Briefs
    • Award


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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson