Technology and the Law: Using and Managing Virtual Assistants


Weighed down from stress, working into the late hours of the night, or finding yourself in the office on Saturdays? A busy law office can be both a blessing and a curse.

It’s common to feel overwhelmed, burdened by the weight of your work, but at the same time hesitant to hire someone to help. You may think to yourself that you have no choice, but to do everything on your own. The thought of hiring someone is daunting. Not to mention the time to train them and then… what if they leave?

There is a better way!

It is not always necessary to hire someone full time, and in many case you actually need a small army of part time specialists until your business has the workload to support full time staff. By using services or agencies that understand the way law firms work, the nuances of your practice area and the daily challenges you face a virtual employee can often be more efficient than one sitting in your office.

In this session we will break down the most common virtual assistant, and freelance services available to you. How to use them, and most importantly how to make the relationship work through systems, and accountability.

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