Veterans in the Justice System: Understanding and Mitigating the Impact of War (On-Demand)

Why do some who have honorably served return to commit crimes? This workshop will provide legal defense teams, prosecutors, and judges with an understanding of the various impacts of warzone deployment that may lead a veteran to become justice-involved. In addition, you will learn strategies and receive resources to ascertain and address the complex needs of veterans.


  • Overview of the Impact of Warzone Deployment
  • Substance Use and Abuse
  • Anger and Reactivity
  • Self-destructive, Suicidal, and Reckless Behaviors
  • Dissociation and Secondary Psychosis


  1. Impacts of War: Common physical and psychological injuries
  2. Self-medication: Veterans who become alcoholics and addicts
  3. Anger and Aggression: Causes and implications of heightened reactivity
  4. Self-destruction: Causes and implications of high-risk behaviors
  5. Mental Disconnect: Causes and implications of dissociation and psychosis
  6. References and Resources


Suzanne Best, Ph.D.

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