10 Steps to Client Relationship Mastery (On-Demand)

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An ideal attorney/client relationship runs smoothly from start to finish. The client is satisfied, refers friends and pays legal fees on time. The attorney enjoys professional, personal and hopefully financial rewards. However, the reality is that issues and problems (many of which are avoidable) can arise at any point during the course of representation. This program offers a practical and strategic approach to developing and maintaining effective and ethical relationships with law firm clients.


  • Ethical issues relevant to the lawyer/client relationship
  • Keys to delivering GREAT service to EVERY client
  • How to develop a strong client communication system
  • Obligations upon termination of the relationship


  1. Six steps to effective & ethical client relationships
  2. Five Key Points to Address at the Outset of Representation
  3. Four Keys to Avoiding Miscommunication!
  4. Three Letters That Must Be Sent – ALWAYS – In EVERY Case!
  5. Ethical Standards Governing Lawyer Communication (MRPC 1.4)
  6. Tips for giving GREAT service to EVERY client
  7. Strategies for Handling Difficult Client Situations
  8. Analysis of MRPC 1.16 – Terminating the Attorney-Client Relationship


Cynthia Sharp, Esq.

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Cynthia Sharp, Esq.

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