ABC’s of AB5: Independent Contracts

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AB5 is the hottest topic when it comes to independent contractors – learning who you can and cannot classify as independent contractors is key to avoiding a misclassification lawsuit.

We will be covering everything you need to know about classifying people as independent contractors. We will be covering Dynamex, AB5, the exemptions associated with AB5 and the newest laws regarding independent contractors. You will learn the ABCs of AB5, including practical tips for navigating its impact on your workforce.


  1. Understand the difference between an employee and independent contractor under AB5.
  2. Learn when AB5 applies and when it does not – including statutory exemptions.
  3. Determine when it is appropriate to pay someone as an independent contractor.
  4. Understand the potential liability and financial exposure for misclassifying workers under California law.


Cynthia Hackler Flynn, Esq.

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Cynthia Hackler Flynn, Esq.

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