Abiding by the Rules of Professionalism: The ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct (On-Demand)



Course Description

This course will cover professionalism rules in numerous states as well as model rules of professional conduct promulgated by the American Bar Association. This course will cover specific cases where judges have made significant rulings based on a failure of an attorney to abide by the rules of professionalism. In addition, this course will explain how to use the rules of professionalism to expand your law practice and improve your client relations and relations with the bar and the bench. This course will also describe the intersection between the rules of professionalism and the rules of ethics.


  • Cover key areas of the rules of professionalism
  • Learn how to expand your ability to use the rules of professionalism in both a litigation and client relations context
  • Learn how to expand and improve your legal practice by following the rules of professionalism and setting your own higher standards for your practice and your firm’s practice of law.
  • Understand the intersection between professionalism and legal ethics.
  • Become aware of how professionalism and good business practices dovetail with each other
  • Learn about research that shows that in negotiation the side with the more professional advocate comes out ahead in the negotiation more often than not.


  1. Key areas of the rules of professionalism
  2. Using professionalism to improve client relations
  3. Expand your legal practice
  4. Professionalism and ethics
  5. Professionalism and good business practices
  6. Professionalism and negotiations
  7. Professionalism and litigation
  8. Using professionalism in improving your reputation


Herb Rubenstein, Esq.

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Herb Rubenstein, Esq.