Advanced Cash Flow Analysis (On-Demand)

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This webinar will explore multiple models of both business and personal (business owner) cash flow analyses.

The session will begin with the business “traditional” EBITDA cash flow and personal cash flow of the “business owner” (using the 1040 tax return, K-1 forms, and the personal financial statement). Additionally, the Global Cash Flow or combined “business & personal” cash flow model will be displayed.

This will be followed by the Statement of Cash Flows (using the Direct and Indirect Methods), as prepared by the CPA, the UCA Cash Flow (using the Moody’s software spreadsheet), Cash Basis Cash Flow, Fixed-Charge Coverage (FCC), and Free Cash Flow (FCF).

Various cash flow projections and sensitivity analyses will also be explored.

The webinar will then conclude with “commercial real estate” (CRE) cash flow analysis and other related real estate “investment” cash flow models.


  1. Business (EBITDA) & Personal Cash Flow Analyses
  2. Global Cash Flow: Combining the Business and Personal Cash Flows
  3. Statement of Cash Flows, UCA Cash Flow, Cash Basis Cash Flow, Fixed-Charge Coverage, and Free Cash Flow
  4. Cash Flow Projections and Sensitivity Analysis
  5. CRE Cash Flow Analysis including Investment Model


David L. Osburn

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David L. Osburn, MBA

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