Advanced Planning with Trusts (On-Demand)

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Starting with a general overview of trusts and fundamental concepts and issues common to all trusts, this presentation will quickly advance to topics like revoking irrevocable trusts, keeping trusts flexible and retaining control through the use of trust protectors, sophisticated gift and estate tax planning, special needs planning and asset protection planning.


  1. Overview Of Trusts
    • What Is a Trust
    • Elements Of a Valid Trust
    • Picking The Right Trustee
    • Trustee’s Duties, Discretion and Powers
    • Overview Of Possible Benefits of a Trust
    • Real Estate and Community Property
    • Governing Law
  2. Tax Planning
    • Advanced Tax Planning with Trusts
  3. Asset Protection
    • Structuring Trusts for Asset Protection
    • Domestic Asset Protection Trusts
  4. Foreign Asset Protection Trusts
    • Overview
    • Protective Features of Foreign Trusts
    • Maximizing Protection of Foreign Trusts
    • Tax Treatment
  5. Advanced Planning with Foreign Trusts
    • Offshore Defective Grantor Trusts
    • Offshore Trust and Entity Combos
  6. Unwinding Irrevocable Trusts
    • State Law
    • Drafting Flexibility into The Trust
    • Tax Consequences of Unwinding


Jacob Stein, Esq.

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Jacob Stein, Esq.

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