An Attorney’s Guide to Financial Planning (On-Demand)

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While everyone understands the importance of financial planning, most presentations are centered around retirement planning. However, attorneys have other concerns. Right out the gate they are burdened with significant student loan debt. While their income will rise, so will their taxes. As a result, their children are less likely to qualify for financial aid, so they must weigh their own retirement against their kids’ education. Depending on their comp structure, salary may be dispersed at the end of the year making budgeting difficult to plan for.


  1. Retirement Planning Strategies
  2. Family Planning
  3. Tax Reduction Strategies
  4. Student Loan Repayment Strategies
  5. Estate Planning Strategies
  6. Planning for Aging Parents
  7. Budgeting


Niraj Chhabra, CFP, MBA, CLTC, CRPC

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Niraj Chhabra, CFP, MBA, CLTC, CRPC

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