Anatomy of an Employment Lawsuit (On-Demand)

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This course serves as a sophisticated introduction to a typical employment lawsuit filed against an employer and from its perspective. It covers typical causes of action asserted against employers from current or departed employees, including state and federal discrimination, harassment and leave claims, as well as the best ways to limit employers’ exposure to such lawsuits. A brief overview of these laws is included, as is the role state and federal agencies play in investigating certain claims before they reach court. Finally, the litigation process, including motion practice, discovery, summary judgment and trial are discussed.


  1. One or more hypothetical examples of single-plaintiff employment lawsuits.
  2. Factors that often motivate employees to file suit.
  3. Best practices for limiting suits before they are filed.
  4. The major laws invoked in employee claims, including Title VII, the ADA, the FMLA and state law equivalents.
  5. The EEOC process, including charges, position statements and investigations.
  6. Complaints and Motions to Dismiss.
  7. Forms of discovery and related discovery obligations.
  8. Summary judgment practice and trial.
  9. Takeaways


David Gevertz, Esq.

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David Gevertz, Esq.

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