Asset Protection: A Practical Take on Asset Protection to Help Make Your Client Judgement Proof (On-Demand)

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From the underlying substantive law to practical aspects of asset protection, you will learn how to keep your assets from plaintiffs, creditors, or an agency of the federal government. We’ll review planning strategies and solutions, including planning with community property, use of domestic and offshore business entities, domestic and foreign trusts, equity strips, private retirement plans and many others. We will look at how to protect assets in a troubled economy from lenders and landlords holding personal guarantees and how to plan after a lawsuit, a default, or an accident. The discussion will focus on the various ways to protect common assets, such as houses, bank and brokerage accounts, businesses and professional practices and retirement plans.


  1. Threshold Questions
  2. Debt Collection
  3. Voidable Conveyances
  4. Planning in Context of Marriage
  5. Planning with Legal Entities
  6. Planning with Trusts
  7. Proper Trust Structure
  8. Self-Settled Trusts
  9. DAPTs
  10. Foreign Trusts
  11. Taxation of Foreign Trusts
  12. Retirement Plans


Jacob Stein, Esq.

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Jacob Stein, Esq.

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