Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Drafting Statements of Work (On-Demand)

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Statements of work are one of the most neglected and frequently poorly written contract documents. They are also the primary reason for contract disputes, cost overruns, and failure to achieve project schedules. In this course, we discuss what statements of work are and the role they play in negotiating a protective and well drafted overall technology contract. We will discuss common pitfalls in drafting statements, including the most common drafting errors. We will also discuss how to limit the possibility of project overruns and failure to achieve project schedules.


  1. What is a Statement of Work?
  2. Key terms and components in Statements of Work
  3. Common drafting errors
  4. Avoiding pitfalls in writing and negotiating Statements of Work
  5. Reviewing a checklist of better Statement of Work drafting.


Michael Overly, Esq.

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Michael Overly, Esq.

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