Be a Game Changer Anti-Harassment Training: From Bystander to Upstander (On-Demand)

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Employees must be able to identify and combat harassment in their place of work. Many states now require businesses to offer anti-harassment training. Upstander training forces individuals to examine their own personal beliefs, attitudes and values. Then it identifies the common fears workers face when speaking up – Retaliation, Reputation, Relationships. Going from Bystander to Upstander requires effective communication training that addresses microaggressions, ability to identify red flags, and proper intervention techniques.


  1. What is bias? Types of bias.
  2. Self-reflection on personal bias, stereotyping and labeling surrounding changing social mores and norms.
  3. Challenges and obstacles to becoming an Upstander.
  4. Infusing a Caring Culture within the work environment.
  5. Support systems needed to ensure success.


Randy Nathan, MSW

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Randy Nathan, MSW

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