Blunt Force Trauma: What Every Attorney/Investigator Needs to Know (On-Demand)

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This presentation is designed to teach attorneys and investigators about various injuries that result from the three types of blunt force trauma: abrasions, contusions, and lacerations. Dating of contusions is included as well as information on multiple injuries. The purpose of this presentation is to assist attorneys and investigators in understanding the causative factors behind injuries from blunt force trauma and provide them with knowledge regarding the potential indicators of such injuries.


  • Upon Completion of this course, the attendee will:
  • Be familiar with he accuracy of dating of bruises and the literature related to it.
  • Be familiar with the types of soft tissue injuries commonly seen in Blunt Force Trauma.
  • Be able to recognize patterned injuries related to bruises, abrasions, and lacerations.
  • Have a basic understanding of the standards of care as they apply to the prevention and assessment of pressure ulcers.
  • Have a basic knowledge of the staging of pressure ulcers.


  1. Bruises/Contusions
  2. Abrasions
  3. Lacerations
  4. Avulsions
  5. Multiple Injuries
  6. Patterned Injuries
  7. Pressure Ulcers


Erin Gollogly BA, BSN, RN, LNCC

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General Credits


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Erin Gollogly BA, BSN, RN, LNCC