Building a Solo or Small Firm Around a Fixed Fee Pricing Model (On-Demand)

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As solo and small firms look for ways to appeal to a new generation of clients, an increasing number of lawyers have begun building their practices around fixed fee pricing models. Fixed fee pricing has always been around. But is its increasing popularity a sign of what’s to come? And more importantly, should you consider designing your own fixed fee pricing model?

In this program, Zane Johnson, founder of MZA Legal, will review the advantages of fixed fee pricing and discuss the dos and don’ts of implementing fixed fee pricing into your firm. This course is designed for attorneys interested in hanging their own shingle, and solo or small firms interested in becoming more client-centered.


  1. Reviewing the current norm for pricing in the legal industry – the Billable Hour. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  2. What is fixed fee pricing? And how does it benefit both attorneys and clients?
  3. How to determine if fixed fee pricing is right for you.
  4. Fixed fee pricing do’s and don’ts to help you avoid setbacks and mistakes.
  5. Important ethical considerations when implementing a fixed fee pricing strategy.


Zane Johnson, Esq.

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Zane Johnson, Esq.

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