Cellphone Forensics: Applications in Discovery and Investigations (On-Demand)

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Cellphones represent one of the fastest-changing areas of legal practice. Mobile device evidence is more important than ever, thanks to the rapid evolution of the technology and the way this evidence is treated by the courts. Touching on important recent cases, technology developments, and ArcherHall’s direct experience advising attorneys, this presentation provides up-to-date guidance on the application of cellphone forensics in litigation, investigations, and other legal matters.


  • Mobile Technology and Trends
  • The Forensic Process
  • Key Court Cases
  • Right to Privacy
  • Preservation
  • The Future


  1. Mobile Technology and Trends
    • Overview
  2. The Forensic Process
    • Litigation holds
    • Collection and preservation of data
    • The types of data
  3. Key Court Cases
    • How mobile device evidence is treated by the courts
    • How the treatment has evolved
    • Future developments
  4. Right to Privacy
    • Issues
    • Practical solutions
  5. Preservation
    • Common pitfalls
    • State Bar guidance
  6. The Future
    • New legal quandaries


Brian M. Chase, Esq.

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Brian M. Chase, Esq.

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