Charitable Trusts (On-Demand)

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There are several options for charitable giving through trusts. In this one-hour webinar, you will learn about each one individually with specific examples. Mr. DePinto will also discuss limitations, what is tax deductible, and tax exempt.


  1. Charitable Deductions
  2. Charitable Giving Under Wills
  3. Conservation Easements
  4. Charitable Gifts
  5. Charitable Remainder Trust (“CRT”)
  6. Types of CRTs
  7. CRUT Application
  8. Charitable Lead Trusts (“CLATS”)
  9. CLAT v. CRT
  10. Types of CLATS
  11. CRTs & Tax Reduction
  12. Capital Gains Tax
  13. Gift Tax
  14. Private Foundations


David DePinto, Esq.

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