Civil Litigation from Discovery to Closing Arguments (On-Demand)

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In this CLE, experienced litigator and Larkin Hoffman Shareholder, Jim Susag, will walk through all of the most important aspects of civil litigation. Jim will providing practical tips for every phase of the civil litigation process – all the way from discovery to the end of trial. Jim will address common discovery mistakes, the crucial components of oral advocacy, the challenges of jury selection, approaches for dealing with difficult expert witnesses, and provide tips on how to best structure your opening and closing arguments.


  1. Discovery
  2. Motion Practice
  3. Pre-Trial
  4. Jury Selection and Voir Dire
  5. Effective Opening Statements
  6. Direct and Cross Examination Techniques
  7. How to Cross-Examine a Tough Expert
  8. Creating and Delivering Closing Arguments


James M. Susag, Esq.

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James M. Susag, Esq.

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