“Civil” Proceedings: Elevating the Legal Profession at Trial (On-Demand)

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In 2015, the Rules of Civil Procedure were amended to make clear that the Rules by which we as lawyers are governed are liberally construed and employed “to secure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action.” The legal system pits plaintiff and defendant lawyers against each other in the court of law. Yet judges don’t like infighting and petty discovery squabbles never turn out well for either party. Join NITA instructor and Attorney Nicole Westbrook and Al Sahlstrom of Jones & Keller P.C. as they discuss the common courtesies that can be extended during trial to create cooperation, raise ethical standards, and elevate the profession.


  • Profession and professionalism
  • Professional obligations: What clients can decide and what they can’t?
  • Shifting the mindset
  • Common courtesies at a low cost
  • Court cases for sharp practices


  1. Professionalism
      • The profession
      • Advocacy and cooperation in court
      • Obligations at trial
      • Common ethical issues in litigation
      • Using the rules to your client’s advantage
  2. Shifting the Mindset
      • Court cases for sharp practices
      • Know your audience
      • Practicing before the judge and jury
      • Small efficiencies lend toward client retention and referral paths


Nicole A. Westbrook, Esq.

Al Sahlstrom, Esq.


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Al Sahlstrom, Esq., Nicole A. Westbrook, Esq.

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