Common Sources of Digital Evidence (On-Demand)

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Common Sources of Digital Evidence includes identifying where particular items of digital evidence can be found and how to obtain them. This course covers what can be found in social media records, call detail records, computer forensics, and vehicle forensics. This course also discusses the common uses of various types of digital evidence and provides a clear understanding of how and where to go when searching for digital evidence.


  1. Call Detail records
    • What is contained in call detail records?
    • How are call detail records used as evidence?
  2. Mobile Device Extractions
    • What can be found in mobile device extractions
    • How mobile device extractions can lead to more digital evidence
    • How mobile device extractions can connect the dots
  3. Computer Forensics
    • Identifying commonly used forensic artifacts
  4. Vehicle Forensics
    • What can be found in vehicle forensic extractions
    • How to link other types of digital evidence to vehicle forensics
  5. Social Media Records
    • VoIP applications
    • Social Media Content and retention
    • Best sources for commonly used digital evidence
  6. Google
    • Overview of what is stored by Google
    • Google records that are commonly used as evidence
  7. iCloud and Internet of Things (IoT)


Eric Grabski

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Eric Grabski

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