Contacts with Represented and Unrepresented Persons (On-Demand) (RETIRED)

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This course will cover the rules governing contacts with represented and unrepresented persons. We will first review the basic no-contact rule and then explore how that rule applies in various contexts, including for represented organizations, non-lawyer government officials, and client-to-client communications. Throughout, we will review hypothetical scenarios to illustrate how the rules apply in practice.


  • Choice of law issues
  • The basic no-contact rule
  • Represented organizations
  • Contacts with government officials
  • Client-to-client discussions
  • Contacts with third parties


  1. Choice of law issues
  2. The basic no-contact rule
  3. Represented organizations
  4. Contacts with government officials
  5. Client-to-client discussions
  6. Hypotheticals
  7. Contacts with third parties
  8. Respect for rights of third persons
  9. Use of “testers”
  10. Additional hypotheticals


Amy Richardson, Esq. & Deepika Ravi, Esq.

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Amy Richardson, Esq., Deepika H. Ravi, Esq.

Ethics Credits