Copyright, Moral Rights, and Other Protections for Creators and Works of Visual Art (On-Demand)

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This course offers an introductory overview of the legal framework underlying the art market and the legal protections available to artists, art collectors and those who work with creative assets.  This course covers intellectual property and other rights in artworks, recent developments in connection with the fair use doctrine, legal structures, and best practices to protect artistic legacy. 


  1. Overview of unique challenges presented by contemporary art
  2. Overview of governing laws relating to artists’ rights or rights in an artwork
  3. Overview of rights in artworks
  4. Copyright and Fair Use, including overview of the Warhol v. Goldsmith litigation
  5. Moral Rights
  6. Resale Royalty Rights
  7. First Amendment Rights, Rights of Privacy and Rights of Publicity
  8. Legal structures and best practices in protecting artistic legacy


Jana S. Farmer, Esq. and Nicole Haimson, Esq.

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Jana S. Farmer, Esq., Nicole Haimson, Esq.

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