Corporate Storytelling for Legal Professionals: Writing Emails That Get Attention (On-Demand)

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You don’t need to be at the top of the org chart to benefit from Corporate Storytelling: Writing emails that (finally) get attention. Brave new leadership is open to all. But if you are a team leader, manager, partner, associate or executive, you will save thousands from lost communication time by taking this dynamic webinar. Learn from real life stories of what works, what doesn’t and why. We will talk about the changes in business writing styles and where they begin. You will find examples and easy-to-use techniques that you can apply right away and refer to later. Our attendees tell us they see a change in responses to their emails within five days. We will show you how to drop your stress level, get your emails opened, not deleted, answered quickly and with enthusiasm. It’s a new way to become a leader.


  1. Transform the way you write to get immediate responses
  2. Communicate differently and experience fewer system crashes
  3. Create a leadership role just through writing emails that persuade
  4. Transform the way your boss writes and responds
  5. Learn how to eliminate assumptions and cliches
  6. Learn a writing and thinking structure that simplifies and clarifies every document you write
  7. Establish a multilayered link with readers ensuring accurate, in-depth responses
  8. Develop your authentic voice, the voice that our business world desperately needs to hear.


Chere Estrin

Allen Brody, Esq.

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Allen Brody, Esq., Chere Estrin

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