Corporate Transparency Act: Key Issues and Steps to Take Now (On-Demand)

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This course covers the Corporate Transparency Act from the point of view of practicing lawyers. Topics covered include the definitions of Reporting Company, Beneficial Owner and Substantial Control. Attendees will learn what the CTA requires, how the Final Rule on Beneficial Ownership relates to the statute, and when Reporting Companies are required to file their first Beneficial Ownership Reports.


  1. U.S. Corporate practice has changed
  2. The Corporate Transparency Act – Why it changed
  3. The Problem of Money Laundering
  4. The CTA as a Solution for Money Laundering
  5. How the CTA Works
  6. Definition of Reporting Company
  7. Beneficial Ownership Reports
  8. Definition of Beneficial Owner
  9. Definition of Substantial Control
  10. Exempt Reporting Companies
  11. Special Exemption Problems
  12. Timing – When to File
  13. The 30 Day Amendment Rule
  14. Penalties for Non-compliance
  15. Steps to Take Now
    • Adopt compliance policy
    • Appoint compliance officer
    • Amend governance documents
    • Model amendments for governance documents


Jonathan B. Wilson, Esq.

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Jonathan B. Wilson, Esq.

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