Cutting Edge Issues in Social Media (On-Demand)

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Social media accounted for 33% of the total digital advertising spend in 2022. And annual advertising spends on social media topped $134 billion. If you are a brand, you are on social media (or you should be). This presentation will discuss some of the hot trends in advertising on social media for 2021. We also will discuss watch-outs for the use of IP on social media including copyrights, music, trademarks, and right of publicity. Finally, we will discuss the laws and risks associated with influencer marketing including the new proposed FTC Endorsement and Testimonial Guidelines and best practices for influencer agreements.


  1. Advertising on Social Media: Trends in 2023
  2. Copyright
  3. Hashtags and Memes
  4. Trademarks
  5. Right of Publicity
  6. Influencer Marketing


Nerissa Coyle McGinn, Esq.

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Nerissa Coyle McGinn, Esq.

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