Cybersecurity: What Every Lawyer Should Know

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Cybersecurity is more than just technology. It is about risk management. Lawyers have a heightened duty to under professional rules to keep client confidences, as well as maintain competency with technology. This task often seems overwhelming. The purpose of this webinar is to breakdown the different components of cybersecurity into bite-size pieces.


  • Understand the difference between cybersecurity and cybersecurity risk management.
  • Appreciate the increased risk for lawyers and clients, including directors, officers, and executives, regardless of whether a company is public or private.
  • Learn key terms and considerations for compliance programs.


  1. Noteworthy News
  2. Cybersecurity versus cybersecurity risk management in the context of the practice of law
  3. Breaking down various components of cybersecurity to consider
  4. Compliance Suggestions


Rachel V. Rose, Esq.

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Rachel V. Rose, Esq.

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