Defending Sexual Abuse Claims Against the Catholic Church: An Insider’s View (On-Demand)

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An attorney who spent 20 years defending the Catholic Church in sexual abuse cases describes how the sexual abuse crisis happened, the Church’s reaction, and how such cases are defended from within.


  • Overview of the sexual abuse crisis
  • Defense strategies of hierarchy, clergy and laity
  • Evaluating liability and damages


  1. How Catholic tradition resulted in a celibate male priesthood and the abuse crisis
  2. Steps taken by the Church in reaction to the scandals
  3. Church structure and entities amenable to suit
  4. Accepted and rejected theories of liability
  5. Revival statutes
  6. Unique features of defending sexual abuse cases (and the Church)
  7. Depositions, experts, summary judgment motions, mediation
  8. Sexual abuse in Church-sponsored foster homes
  9. Insurance issues


Daniel Schiavetta, Esq.

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Daniel Schiavetta, Esq.

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