Drafting and Litigating Boilerplates: Don’t Get Burned by These Provisions (On-Demand)

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Often transactional and litigation attorneys and their clients enter into contracts without thinking about or even reviewing what are known as boilerplate provisions in the contract. Often these overlooked boilerplate provisions impact the rights of the parties and the outcome of disputes between the parties. This course will take a look at common procedural and substantive boilerplate provisions, the implications have to the parties and the disputes, and consider drafting tips to consider when entering into contracts.


  1. What are boilerplates – procedural, substantive
  2. How do Courts interpret boilerplates
  3. An In Depth Look at Certain Hot Button Boilerplates
  4. Drafting Tips/Considerations
  5. Overview of other Boilerplate Provisions


Howard K. Jeruchimowitz, Esq.

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Howard K. Jeruchimowitz, Esq.

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