Drafting and Negotiating Compliant Non-Compete Agreements (On-Demand)

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This course will discuss, in-depth, the process of drafting non-competes and the procedure for negotiating their terms. As Non-compete law continues to evolve, it is important for both employees and employers to closely examine these important provisions.

We will look into non-compete language and define some key terms that can appear even across states. This course will also generate ways to draft compliant agreements under state restrictions. Understanding the evolving law surrounding non-compete agreements is necessary for employers to adequately draft non-compete provisions, and for employees to negotiate such provisions.


  1. Explain complaint non-compete clauses in an employment agreements
  2. Identify key changes and trends to non-compete provisions across the U.S.
  3. Discuss and define language employers should include when drafting non-compete agreements.
  4. Articulate methods for employees to negotiate non-compete provisions.


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Kristen Prinz, Esq.

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