Drafting Business Contracts (On-Demand)

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Andrew Fromm is a recognized attorney who specializes in business contracts. Andrew will provide a comprehensive overview of how to master the basics of drafting and negotiating common business contracts, including common critical provisions, and navigating common pitfalls with draft and form agreements. Andrew is a partner at Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco PLLC with over 14 years of complex commercial litigation and dispute resolution experience, particularly including business contracts and business disputes, complex commercial contract drafting, counseling and negotiation strategy. Andrew’s practice focuses on international trade and business contracts, complex technology, automotive components, assemblies, and systems and software.


  1. Conquering the basics every attorney needs to know when drafting or negotiating business contracts involving the sale of goods or services
  2. Understanding the most critical ‘red light” provisions and risk including duration and termination, force majeure, forum selection and choice of law, warranty, indemnity, and limitation of liability and remedies
  3. Avoiding common pitfalls and ambiguities


Andrew Fromm, Esq.

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Andrew Fromm, Esq.

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