Drafting Effective Technology Warranties, Indemnities, and Limitations of Liability (On-Demand)

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In this course, attendees will receive real-world information to draft better, more effective warranty, indemnity, and liability provisions in their vendor technology agreements. The discussion will apply to software licenses, cloud service agreements, equipment purchase agreements, professional service agreements, and other technology-related contracts. Specific examples of contract language will be reviewed and suggestions made to improve the proposed language. Many specific examples from prior deals will be provided.


  1. Understand the key differences between the Big Four: Trial engagements, acceptance testing, warranties, and support obligations.
  2. Appreciate the current contracting trends in the technology industry.
  3. Know the key information needed prior to starting any contract review.
  4. Have a ready list of common technology warranties and indemnities. Know how to revise vendor contract provisions to provide better protection.
  5. Understand the important relationship between the limitation of liability and the indemnity and warranty provisions.


Michael Overly, Esq.

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Michael Overly, Esq.

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