EFT Act and Regulation-E in 2022 (On-Demand)

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Electronic Fund Transfers Act provides consumers with rights, liabilities, and responsibilities that offer electronic fund transfer services. Since regulation E came into existence, there have been a lot of changes due to technology, consumers, businesses and more.

On December 13, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau updated its FAQs on electronic fund transfers. You must incorporate this guidance as you set your 2022 policies and procedures.

We will explore all aspects of regulation E, plus discuss how this rule impacts your day-to-day responsibilities. You will learn how to comply with the Electronic Fund Transfers Act In 2022.

This webinar will focus on the background of Electronic Fund Transfers Act, as well as recent developments that affect electronic transfers. We will also cover disclosures, error resolution, gifts and the examination side.


  1. What are the disclosure requirements of Regulation E?
  2. What is the liability for unauthorized transactions?
  3. How should you resolve errors?
  4. What are the requirements for overdraft services?
  5. How should gift cards be handled?
  6. What procedural changes should you make for 2022?



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Justin Muscolino

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