Electronic Document Security and Digital Signatures (On-Demand)

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Lawyers frequently exchange Word, WordPerfect, and PDF files with other lawyers via email and other document-sharing methods. In this seminar, we’ll explain how to protect your electronic files from being altered when that is appropriate; and the best methods for indicating your proposed changes or soliciting someone else’s proposed changes to an electronic file. We’ll also discuss when Word files are preferable to PDFs and vice-versa. Once the documents are finalized, they often have to be signed; and COVID-19 may have permanently eliminated the days of round table closings and signing documents in someone’s office. As such, digital signature platforms like DocuSign, RightSignature or Adobe Sign have arguably become essential tools for modern law practice. We’ll explain the benefits of these inexpensive and easy-to-use platforms, and demonstrate (live) how digital signature services can be used by you to sign documents or obtain signatures from others while never seeing each other face-to-face.


  1. Preserving client confidentiality with electronic documents, and a discussion of the relevant Rules of Professional Conduct
  2. When it’s appropriate to use Word files and when it’s appropriate to use PDF files
  3. Why to avoid .doc files and how to convert them to .docx files
  4. Tracking changes as they’re made, comparing versions of documents and using comments in Word
  5. PDF Tools for indicating proposed changes, comparing documents and using comments
  6. Locking down documents (Word & PDF) so they can’t be edited
  7. Converting PDF files back to Word- the best applications for this task
  8. Digital Signatures- what they are, why they’re important, and how they work
  9. Document security and removing hidden information and metadata from your files before they are sent to opposing counsel


Barron K. Henley, Esq.

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Craig Brody

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