Elimination of Bias: Learn Mindfulness to Curtail Implicit Bias and Make Ethical Decisions (On-Demand)

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Join Cindy Sharp and Becky Howlett for this timely educational webinar as they unpack implicit bias—what it is, why it matters, and reveal strategies to become aware of our own unconscious biases and ultimately enhance mindful decision-making. Overall, this program will support your ability to recognize these biases and implement strategies to curtail their harmful effects in your legal practice.

Implicit bias is universal—everyone has it! Yet, these biases are uniquely our own as they are shaped by our individual life experiences. Although we all have them, we are generally unaware of their presence and effects, meaning implicit biases can negatively impact our decisions without our knowing.

Research has shown that mindfulness meditation may effectively reduce implicit bias at the individual level.

Certified Meditation Instructor and Attorney Becky Howlett will teach and lead mindfulness practices throughout this session designed to promote awareness of your own biases. Co-Presenter and Veteran Attorney Cynthia Sharp will join with Becky in sharing their own perspectives as well as viewpoints and experiences of others in the legal community. The speakers will delve into why words DO matter and discuss commonly held harmful assumptions related to diverse groups of people.


  • How enhanced cultural competency will help any attorney both serve justice and advocate more effectively.
  • Concepts that will help identify and address unconscious bias when dealing with colleagues, clients, and others.
  • How to use mindfulness tools to develop deeper awareness about implicit bias and learn to counter insensitive attitudes.
  • Specific steps that you can take IMMEDIATELY to reduce the ill effects of implicit bias in the legal setting.


  1. Why lawyers MUST care about implicit bias
      • Discussion of MRPC 8.4(g)
      • Explicit vs. Implicit Bias
  2. The Science of Implicit Bias
      • Schema: How we understand the world
      • How Mindfulness increases awareness & can reduce implicit bias
      • Mindfulness Training & Practice
      • How to Identify Your Own Implicit Bias
  3. Implicit Association Test
      • Examples of Implicit Bias
      • Harmful Assumptions about diverse groups
          • Racial & Ethical Bias
          • Gender Bias
          • Disability Bias
          • Sexual Orientation Bias
  4. Inclusive Speech
      • How to Shift Attitudes & Behavior – What You can do RIGHT NOW
      • Mindfulness Training & Practice


Cynthia Sharp, Esq.

Becky Howlett, Esq.

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Becky Howlett, Esq., Cynthia Sharp, Esq.

Elimination of Bias Credits