Estate Planning Basics for Attorneys (On-Demand)

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Estate Planning Basics for Attorneys will provide need to know concepts and easy to use tips for Will-based estate planning, incapacity planning, revocable living trusts and best practices for estate planning attorneys with an overview of the probate process and why it should be avoided in almost all situations. Attendees will learn the basics of a will-based estate plan and incapacity planning. Attendees will learn why revocable living trusts have become a great tool for a quick, cheap, transfer of assets at death, and how to utilize a living trust to plan for blended families, protect minor children, maintain benefits for special needs beneficiaries, and care for family pets.

It will also provide Lawyers, Accountants, and Executors an overview of the tax rules on the Estate process. Importantly it will provide the process, deadlines, and elections that may be made.


  1. What is Estate Planning?
  2. Explanation of key estate planning concepts and definitions
  3. Joint Tenancies, Income Tax Basis and Estate Tax Treatment
  4. Estate Planning Misconceptions
  5. Building Blocks of Estate Plans
  6. Client education – projecting value
  7. Probate Process
  8. Living Trusts
  9. Incapacity Planning
  10. Overview of Advanced Planning Concepts


Justin M. Gilbert, Esq.

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Justin M. Gilbert, Esq.

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