ETHICS: Communication Breakdown – It’s Always The Same (But It’s Avoidable) (On-Demand)

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As George Bernard Shaw famously stated, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  Not surprisingly, a high percentage of legal malpractice practice claims and practice management problems are caused by communication breakdowns.  Communication problems create dissatisfied clients, decrease productivity, and cause conflict internally and externally. The growing number of (rapid fire) communication channels only compounds the problem. We’ll explain technologies and techniques that will help you improve communication, lower your stress, improve your service, generate happier clients, and lower your malpractice risk.  We’ll cover:


  1. Malpractice traps related to communication and how to avoid them
  2. The Rules of Professional Conduct related to client communication and confidentiality
  3. Recommendations on how to improve internal and external communication through better policy, procedures and technology
  4. DIY process mapping and why you should try it
  5. Weaknesses of email as a communication medium and how to over come them
  6. The role a matter management application can play for sharing case/client information
  7. Roadmap for a reliable electronic filing system for client files
  8. Tips for improving task management
  9. Tips for securely sharing information with clients




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Barron K. Henley, Esq.

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