Eyewitness Identifications: An Overview of Factors Empirically Demonstrated to Impact the Reliability of Eyewitness ID (On-Demand)

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Fifty years of scientific research have conclusively established that eyewitness memory is unreliable. This program will summarize the factors that have been experimentally demonstrated to reduce the reliability of eyewitness identifications from photo spreads and provide an overview of police best practices for facilitating identifications. The presenters will also review cases they have worked on involving eyewitnesses, including analysis of several real-world photospreads. The program also includes a primer on filing Ake Motions to gain funding for experts in your cases.


  1. Understand the limitations of human memory, both generally and as it applies to identification cases
  2. Identify factors present in identification cases that may impact the reliability of witness identifications from photo spreads, show-ups, and field IDs
  3. Understand how to recognize these factors via discussion of real-world cases and photospreads
  4. Prepare motions for the appointments of expert witnesses in your cases


Emily Shelton, Esq. and Trent Terrell


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Emily Shelton, Esq., Trent Terrell, Ph.D.

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